About Us

About Us

Manisra Nava Alkalay, creator of Nava Sen Spa

Manisra Nava Alkalay was born in Phuket Island, Thailand.  After finishing early education in Bangkok, she traveled all over the world, working in her family’s international jewelry business. She moved to New York City in 1989, where she met her husband Ron. They soon yearned for a slower paced life and moved to Atlanta to start their family.

During her pregnancy, she experienced health issues that led her to investigate alternative therapies, including massage therapy. Having experienced the benefits first hand, she became passionate in her desire to help others in this same way.

Throughout her life she was encouraged by many to evolve her intuitiveness and natural healing abilities. She longed to connect with her Thai roots and began her dream of giving back to her community through massage healing.

In 2001, Nava enrolled in Rising Spirit Institute of Natural Health in Atlanta (www.risingspiritinstitute.com) and became a certified licensed massage therapist. Her natural talents quickly blossomed following her studies and her services became highly regarded and frequently requested in massage centers, chiropractic offices, and executive offices including Home Depot Corporate Wellness. She further enhanced her hands-on healing abilities by becoming a Reiki Master.