The word is out, and the word is GREAT!

“…Then, I flip onto my stomach, where the serious rubbing, and stretching begins. I am kneaded, pulled, pushed, twisted and walked on, and I am surprised how good it feels….”

Point North, January, 2009

“…Combining healing techniques with meditation, chinese medicine and Ayurveda, and ancient form of healthcare native to India. The spa also has special packeges for Valentine’s day Including a Sen-Sual Couples massage. The exotic luxury is worth the indulgence.”

Atlanta Life Magazine

“…Quaint and intimate, Nava Sen Spa is an authentic Thai spa designed to improve the health and well-being of metro Atlanta residents. Each service in the spa, which is decorated with artwork and furnishings imported from Thailand, begins with a soothing cup of warm herbal Thai tea…”

Nava Sen Spa Customer

“…..Nava Sen Spa is focused on improving clients’ health, in addition to pampering them and providing a relaxing experience.  After each massage service, clients are treated to a unique 10-minute meditation and transition session. The authentic Thai décor features furnishings and artwork imported from Thailand……Manisra “Nava” Alkalay, owner of Nava Sen Spa, leads a compassionate and dedicated staff that provides a wide array services, including; Thai yoga and deep tissue massage, reflexology, facials and hot stone massage…”

Hometown Cobb

“…Nava sen spa is focused on increasing clients’ health, in addition to pampering them and providing relexing experience….”

Atlanta Woman Magazine

“…..It was true — my Friday morning massage at Nava Sen Spa left me feeling energetic but relaxed, which held true the entire weekend. I didn’t rush around in a mad panic to complete chores and errands, yet I remained focused and found time to relax.  If, like most busy people in this world, you find yourself having to schedule downtime, schedule it at Nava Sen Spa.  The effects don’t wear off once you leave the building……”

Atlanta Jewish Times – Ann Marie Quill

“…Clients are treated to a unique ten-minute meditation session and transition session. The authentic Thai decor features furnishing and artwork imported from Thailand…”?

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